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Using Blogs to enhance your business

Blogging for profit is the latest thing to hit the Internet. Here is a chance for every entrepreneur to enhance its business by creating a blog. What is a blog? A blog is an opportunity for everybody to express itself on the web. It does not matter if you are a journalist, student, businessperson, politician, professional, etc.

Blogs usually contains information related to a specific topic. It’s a new way to communicate with existing and potential customers, to gain influences globally as a politician, share news with others as a journalist, display your expertise as a professional, and much more. Your blog can be linked to your website or promoted separately. The target audiences also have the opportunity to comment on your thoughts. The popular web tools are:,,,,

How can your business benefit from a blog?

1. Displaying Your Expertise: Blog gives you the opportunity to display your expertise in your chosen field. By submitting articles that relate to your products and services regularly, prospects and customers will visit your blog regularly, and ultimately trust you more. The initial objective may be to create a strong impact with existing customers; you may find that you can attract new customers by illustrating your expertise in a specific field. This will lead to more sales and profit to your business. Example of such blog is

2. Product Promotion: An entrepreneur can use blogs to explain the features and benefits of its products and services. You can use it to tell potential, or existing customer industry news, updates or how your products can be used in specific situations to alleviate problems. This will boost the sales and increase profit.

3. Testimonies: You can also add the testimonies from people that have benefited from your products and services. Testimonials from happy customers are worth gold on your blog. We all know that people are more skeptical of everything and everyone today. Displaying testimonies is a better way to gain confidence and trust from prospects.

4. Free listing On Search Engines: Search engines love fresh content created through blogs. By publishing your own blog and adding fresh content to it on a regular basis will attract the attention of the major search engines who will list your site in their directories for free. In order words, it increases the chances that search engines will spider on a regular basis and helps with page rank because its been submitted to all the blogging directories.

5. Affiliate Programs: An affiliate program is just another way for a company to sell its products. That is by signing up as an affiliate who will market the company’s products for a commission. As an entrepreneur you may endorse or mention product or service of a company that has an affiliate website through your blog. If a visitor to your blog purchases the product, you will receive a portion of the sale.

6. Joint Ventures: Joint venture is a form of partnership where businesses come together to share knowledge, markets, and profits. That is, two or more people may pool each other’s marketing resources together to achieve a profitable outcome. So with emergence of blogs, two or more entrepreneurs that have similar target market and complimentary products can both contribute contents regularly to a blog and promote it together. This will generate more profits for the partners.

7. Luring Visitors Back To Your Website: For entrepreneurs that are thinking on how to get visitors back to their website regularly, blogs are the answer. If your blog is linked to your website, and its updated regularly with quality articles, it will lure visitors back to your site.

8. Generate Extra Income From Google Adsense: You make extra money by adding Google Adsense code to your blog. Adsense is one of the advertising avenues Google offers. Adsense are third-party ads that sit on your site. The program is free for you to use and make money each time someone clicks on an ad on your blog.

Google’s spider parses the Ad serving blog and serves ads that relate to the blog’s content. Google uses a combination of keyword matching and context analysis to determine what ads should be served. The amount you will earn from the program will depend partly on how much the advertisers are paying Google for the keywords and partly on how many people click through the ads on your blog.

You could earn between $0.03 and $15.00 per click and up to several hundred dollars a day if your blog draws lots of targeted traffic.

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How to make money on the Internet

Today I will be delving into the empowerism business in order to share with you my strategy on how we can work together to build a $10,000+ monthly income fast. Let us go through the business, and I want you to be very attentive. The information I am about sharing with you is worth a million of dollars, and it can help many people to make money on the Internet.

Empowerism is a program that has products that will develop our skill on Internet marketing. You will also meet here some of the top Internet marketers in the world. What if a Nigerian should be the top marketer in this program? It is either envy or admiration from the world; it is not possible for others to be indifferent to such success. So let us take a journey round the Empowerism globe.

The Company
Empowerism , owned by Life, Education and Prosperity Inc., a corporation formed in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A., offers a low-cost subscription on NetMarketing training to those that desire to become an expert in Internet Marketing. The Empowerism training and business opportunity are designed to empower people worldwide through knowledge, inspiration, encouragement, motivation, and new perspectives. The first month subscription cost $24.95 and $19.95 per month thereafter.

Compensation Plan
The Empowerism compensation plan is unique and exciting since it is a 3x9 Forced Matrix with compression to infinity, $6 monthly bonus for all personal sales, you only need just 3 personal sales to be in profit, and unlimited $20 Fast Start Bonuses paid out weekly. Let me elaborate on it.

1. $20 Fast Start Bonuses: Every time you sell an Empowerism subscription, you will receive $20 the following Monday. In addition, they will deposit 50 fresh opt-in leads into your account. There is no limit on how many $20 bonuses and leads you can collect each week.

2. 3x9 Forced Matrix: This implies that a maximum of three sales fit on your front line, and all others made by you or those above you are forced down to your second level and beyond (it is known as “spillover.”) When those below you make subscription sales, they too can only have three on their front line, so all others “spill over” to the next level.

You will earn $1 per month on every subscription renewal in your matrix, which has 29,523 available positions. Over time, this really adds up a full 3x9 matrix pays out of $29,523 per month.

3. Compression to Infinity: This comes into play when there are holes in your matrix caused by subscriptions that were not renewed. When Empowerism commissions are calculated, if there are holes on any of your nine levels, the software checks for a paid position below them, they “compress the matrix” to temporarily fill those holes. That way, commissions don’t drop out of the bottom of your matrix like they would in the typical non-compressed matrix.

4. $6 Monthly Bonus: Every time your personally sponsored members renew their subscriptions, you earn a $6 bonus. These bonuses are paid out with the monthly matrix commissions. There is no limit on how many $6 monthly bonuses you can earn.

5. Three sales to be in profit: The program put into cognizance that people are in a hurry to get into profit, so they make it much easier. When you sell three subscriptions, not only will it cover the cost of your own subscription each month they renew, but also you will be $35 ahead from the $20 Fast Starts.

Perks and Benefits
Most Nigerians that are promoting Internet opportunities focus solely on offline marketing they do not know how to promote their programs on the Internet, for those that want to learn, Empowerism program is for them. Let me elaborate below the perks and benefits that come with the subscription then you can decide if it is meant for you.

1. Leads: Your monthly subscription comes with 50 quality leads (people that are looking for such opportunities.) In addition, they will deposit 50 fresh opt-in leads into your account per the number of subscription that you sell monthly. There is also opportunity to purchase more leads.
2. Excellence Magazine: This is a 20 plus page training and success building, Ad-free magazine published monthly. Most articles are written exclusively for members. The subscription comes with the ability to view and print each full color magazine in PDF format from inside the Empowerism training center, all the way from 2001.
3. Power Training Centre and Tools Galore: There are tools on how to create a website, how to stake your claim on Google, the newest Internet marketing tools, step-by-step tutorials, and much more to get you up to speed on all the marketing strategies that are currently working.
Tools include your very own start page rotator to help you earn credits in your favorite start page programs. Search engine submitter that submits up to 25 URLs for you each month with just the click of a button. The system also sends automated letters to your members that leave you free to do what you do best. 20 plus redirect URLs that all lead to your Empowerism website, and 35 attractive, professionally designed website Templates to download and use any way you wish.

4. Power Training Centre and Tools Galore:
The cutting-edge training includes
 how to create a website,
 how to stake your claim on Google, tools,
 step-by-step tutorials, and much more to get you up to speed on all the marketing strategies that are currently working.

Tools include
 your very own start page rotator to help you earn credits in your favorite start page programs.
 Search engine submitter that submits up to 25 URLs for you each month with just the click of a button.
 A system that sends automated letters to your members that leave you free to do what you do best.
 20 plus redirect URLs that all lead to your Empowerism website, and
 35 attractive, professionally designed website Templates to download and use any way you wish.

5. Power Training Lessons: Empowerism also set you up with their ongoing series of training lessons that will take you through all types of marketing, goal-setting, business-building, home-based biz tips, and much more.
6. Affiliate Power Builder & Subscriber Perks: They introduce you to power builder programs which if you insert your ID for these programs, your income builds automatically in all of them as you promote Empowerism. Other subscriber perks include the ability to personalize a group email to your downline, prospect management center, and high quality interesting e-books written by their training staffs that are easily personalized with your name and ID.

For your registration, visit: They accept e-gold, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, echeck bank debits, and others.

P.S. 1 Empowerism is a 3 X 9 matrix compensation plan. There are three positions under you, each with three positions under them, and so for a total of nine levels of three positions each. This means that row one has three positions, row two has nine positions, row three has 27 positions…row nine has 19,683 positions.

P.S. 2 For everyone who personally signs up under you, you receive a $20 Fast Start Bonus, their first month of membership, plus $7 each per month thereafter.

P.S. 3 It takes only three personally sponsored members to enjoy all nine levels of pay, or 20 members sponsored by members of your upline or downlines to cover your membership fees. Because of how easy it is to get three to sign under you, members rarely drop out.

P.S. 4 As everyone below you in the matrix signs others under themselves, they grow your downline as well as their own downline.

P.S. 5 As your upline signs members under themselves, they will eventually reach the levels below you in the matrix, and your downline will grow as their members are placed under you (“forced”).

P.S. 6 A forced matrix is the most desirable form of matrix because your upline, as well as your downline help to fill your matrix.

P.S. 7 Once your downlline is filled to level nine and you have 3 personally sponsored members, the minimum amount of money you will be paid monthly is $29,523.

P.S. 8 Because this is a “forced” matrix, even if you never participate in growing your downline, your upline will eventually fill it.

P.S. 9 Downline matrixes are the cornerstone of Internet wealth building. This is the secret; you want to fill as many matrix downlines as you can in your Internet marketing career because they pay residual income forever.


leonard is an experienced Net marketer, will take you by the hand and show you how he has benefited from an America Internet millionaire technique of making raking money on the net. Click here to buy ebook on Blog,Ping and Adsense Price $50

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How to make $100 every month from Google Adsense Today

i have something nice and interesting to share with you and that is;How to generate a minimum of $100 every month through google adsense..This program is not only reach and legitimate..It works one of my mentor Mr joel comm is a man that made $21,000 last year from google adsense alone and as for me is student i have been able to generate a total of $2000 in the past 4 months from google adsense alone... So today i want to show you how you can generate at least $100 in one month from google adsense..Ready?Then lets goWhat you need?There are several things that you need to begin the google adsense business and you will begin to make money everyday..The first thing is
1]A blogsite;I know that with a website you will definitely make more money that someone using a blogsite as we go on i will talk more about getting a website..but here and now,the first thing you need is a Blogsite,if you don't know what a blogsite is then go to or to know how a blogsite looks like.To open a blog is FREE and EASY too.Just go to follow the steps and create your own blog.2] The second thing you need is to fill your blogsite with contents i.e pages of information.Before you begin filling your blogsite with contents you will need to know what kind of informations you blogsite will to do that you will need to do keywords search on This software helps you know how large the market is.Example of keywords you can check are Hair loss,Depression,Dog,Debt,Loan e.t.cAfter you have chosen a market lets say you need chose "debt" as the market you want to reach that is your niche market the next step is for you to begin to fill it with articles that talks about "Debt"e.g"Debt consolidation e.t.c.There are several places where you can find articles to post on your Blogsite3] If i am to do the above that is Open a blogsite and fill it with about 10 pages,i will have all that done in 10minutes or less.After you have your blogsite ready the next and final step to take is to get it on net,that is have it advertised on the internet..The first place i advice you start advertising your new site is on"Ezine Directories"i know about 150 ezine directories where you can post your article and have it read by many people without spending a kobo but i am going to quickly mention a few; you fully understand each of the 3 steps above,i congratulate you but if you dont not to worry just keep reading. Now we are going to look at the possible income you can make within a month. Before i start giving out the possible figures i will to state here openly that this is not a get rich quick scheme so you can make "more"or "less"than the figures that i Will state.*]The first way you make money from your website or blog site is through google adsense,CPA,Advertisers,e.t.c All these are medium where by you get paid each time someone clicks on the advert or sign up for a program.So lets imagine you get about 40cent each time someone clicks on your adverts..So if your website or blogsite has lets say 100 google adsense codes and with about 10 clicks per day you make a total of about $4 per day and a possible monthly income of $120 in one month...The more visitors your drive to your website the more money you make and of course the less visitors that visit the site the less or no money you make.*] The other way you can make money from this your website is through Affiliate programs,apart from the money you make everyday from google adsense as people click on your there adverts in your site,the other way you make money is through affiliate program.As an affiliate program each time you sell a product you get a certain amount as commission. For me when i choose affiliate program they must be above $25,So lets imagine you sell five affiliate product on your site every month that gives you an extra of $125. My dear reader,If you are an internet newbie i will advice you get started at once because it is your opportunity of making money everyday.... If you have been following this write up very well from the beginning you should have seen an opportunity there are probably thinking of the next step to take.Well i am going to place a post in this forum by the beginning of next week with a way i have designed that will give every Nigeria the opportunity of making $400 every month..Those who are going to qualify to join my team will get;
1]One website,that has 50 pages of information
2]The website has the ability to contain 200 google codes.oops no wonder i was able to make $540 in my first month.
3]Everything done for you,plus list of over 150 places to submit your website to get maximum result.Dont wait a minute rush to
Firslty i will like to show you the benefits you get for having your own usa account:
Your own usa check.With this usa check you can pay in dollars anywhere you want to..Your first welcome kit contains 50check book.
Withdrawal from any bank.Thats true,the welcome kit has a USA visa ATM card,with this ATM card you can withdraw from any bank in the world..All you need to do is to take it to the bank ATM slot it in and you have your money..Simple
Wire money in your in and out:You will be able to wire money in your usa account at no charge,You can also wire money out of your usa account too.
Shop online: You will be ale to buy things online using your own visa platinum card
Transfer funds from your paypal account:If you have money in your paypal account or you have not started your internet bizness because of the problem of withdrawing money from the paypal account..No stories anymore.With your usa account you will be able to transfer money from your paypal account to your usa account at no charge..
No SSN address:.Your usa account is very easy and secure,you dont need any Social Security Number..not even your tax number.
Just your passport:Thats true all the bank need from you is your passport.
Fantastic online banking;you can check your bank account details when you want to,and whereever you are.You can also order checks,deposit and make online transfers anytime you want to.
No deposit fee required:The bank does not require you to pay any deposit fee.Once you fill the form along with your passport you get your account in just 3days.Guaranteed and this include all the informations that gives access to your will also recieve sample forms so that you dont make mistakes when filling your forms.
Google adsense:If you want to start google adsense but have being wondering how to go about it..With your usa bank account you will be given access to own your own usa address and with this address,you will be able to recieve your checks cash it into you usa account and get it withdrawn in naira..Lets face it..
1]you use paypal or ebay..You need a usa account and infact you will get a access to a usa address that will help you to recieve your Google adsense checks2]If you have or want to have a client in the us..You need a usa account3]if you want to do serious business on the internet..You need a usa account
Here are some other benefits the usa account gives you as a non residents
**So you can get a usa check books**So you can withdraw and transfer money from your paypal account**So you can recieve checks from your affiliate company and get it cashed within 3 days**So you can shop online using your Visa platinum cardplus that**You get your usa account within 3 days**All what is required is your passport**You recieve your welcome kit which will be sent to your address and it contains,50 checks,Visa atm card.e.t.cSo how much does it cost to recieve all this information?
Before i state the fee,let me give you the opportunity of reading testimonails of those who have tried our service
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Now that you have seen the proofs that it how much do we charge for this service..In the past i use to charge #15,000 for it.Yet we recieve a lot of orders everyday because we are by far the best and the cheapest.and the fastest cos you get your account within 3 days..But because it is festive period i have decided to reduce it to an unbelievable offer of #4000 only..Yes #4,000 only..
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How to Build a virtual empire online...the power of making $60 everyday using bum marketing and niche empire secrets
Have you wasted thousands of naira trying different internet wealth secret and yet you never made a dime?Have you ever needed money so badly and you still didn't have the opportunity of getting it?Have you ever wondered when you are going to start eating from your own Multi billion internet cake?If your answer is YES then i am glad you are reading post because by the time you are true you will be so sure that you will be making at least $60 everyday for the rest of your life!You see making money from the internet has never get easier that what i am about to show that is,How to build your own virtual real estate and be making a minimum of $60 like i do on a daily basis.If for any reason you think i must be joking then i want you to quickly read the following testimonials of those who i have taught this secret;Mmmmh,i never believed i could actually make money from these secret until i collected my first cheque of $298.bisi Thank you so much for the virtual real estate secret i made about $35 everyday for about 2 weeks,Thanks so muchIf i had known you several years ago my life would have been 10 times better than this.Thank you so much i never believed that i could actually make money int net,until i cashed my $456 for a 5 weeks virtual real estate job,thanks a millionprogressivewriters@yahoo.comDid that convince you enough or do you still want more testiomials well i am going to show you how you too can make that much on a daily basis..HERE IS HOW....hush,before i reveal it to you,i will like you to subscribe to my weekly internet newsletter FREE just send a mail to am Kenneth Ifeanyi an internet marketer with over 4 years on experience i started making thousands of dollars in internet marketing.You see there are several ways of making money online but you cannot genuinely make money on net without these following secrets1]Bum marketing2]Virtual Real estateIn bum marketing you can make as much as $50 everyday and yet you won't need to invest a kobo!yes not even a dime.All you need is a free blogsite and that blog will be making as much as $50 everyday for you.Bum marketing will not only cost you nothing it requires about 1 hrs of work 4 times a week and after 2 weeks you stop WORKING!yes you will stop working and you money will still be spinning in.Virtual real estate is a situation where you target a very hungry niche market on the internet and they will pay you between $9-$19 everyday and sometimes you get about thrice of that figure in a day..for as long as you wish!Yes you heard me,after targeting a hungry market you begin to make $9-$19 everyday from that market for as long as you wish.READ THISsir i never believed this is real but it is.I have been getting $7 from more than 9 people in the hungry market i choose on a daily basis! only that you can decide to sell your virtual real estate website for as much as $3,000 within a month.yes $3,000.If you think i am joking then go to and sell how much people are selling there websites.I sold my last virtual website for $2,700 within 9 days!My dear reader believe it or not there is real and cool money to be made on the internet but the problem is that only few people are ready to show you the right and best way to go about it..and that is why i have decided to introduce a new course titled;How to Build a virtual empire online...the power of making $60 everyday using Bum marketing and Niche empire secrets e-consultancy..In this hold me by the hand e-course you will get to learn;1]A blogsite that will reveal to you the A-Z of bum marketing secrets,in this blog you will get to know2]How to build your own virtual real estate,a secret that makes more than $500 every week for you3]How to make an average of $40 a day with google adsense,adbrite,chitika,text links e.t.c4]List of over 40 websites that will pay you between $30 for just sending people to their websites..!Not only that i am going to reveal to youa]How to make over $200 every week with ebooks plus that you will get over 300 ebooks FREE!B]How to get hungry markets that will pay you more than $20 everyday for as long as you wish!c]How to make more than $3,000 selling your virtual real estate website like people in are doingYou see in January i made $1,500 but last moth using just bum marketing my income grew to over $2,800..just bum marketing.and you too can.This week i received some nice testimonials and this is what it saysMr ken,you are wonderful you secret fetched us $640 within 4 weeks thank you so muchmr_karibo@yahoo.comKenneth,please i am getting people who wants to buy my virtual real estate empire for $1,200.Dont you think is too small?masterwritersclub@yahoo.comYou see my friend this could be the only opportunity you have of turning your financial life forever.You see i have decided not to sell and ebook or a CD rather i am going to take you step by step through our membership blog site.You will have the opportunity of chatting with me everyday between 3pm-6pm.Not just that i am also going to show you;1]How to open a paypal account as a Nigerian2]How to open a USA bank account in Nigeria3]How to get a free USA address and phone number for your personal use.So i am asking you once again,are you ready to make a minimum of $60 everyday.If your answer is yes then i congratulate you because you are about to make that confession a daily experience for yourself.Just of the over 7 streams that i will be revealing to you can make you that amount i mean $60 a day,for example how will you like people paying you between $9 everyday i mean more than 6 people can be doing that for you on a daily basis,plus that you open a blog site FREE of course and yet through bum marketing you make money from companies like googgle,bidvertisers and modern click a place where you get $30 for just sending people to a website and i will show you more than 10 of those websites.You see,i will not tell you a lie because i have a reputation to protect and there is no lie to tell because the results come with prove, for example one of my blog $37 for me yesterday,just one blog now that doesn't include other money i make that i will be revealing to you.So how much am i charging for this e-course that will include ebooks,videos and audios?That was really a big problem for me because when i make consultancy for clients abroad i charge nothing less than $70 per hour and sometimes i get more than 5 hours from just a client that means i will charge the money and time it cost be to out this things to together #60,000 will still be a good bargain but because i am not interested in the money but rather in helping as many people as i can gain financial freedon i have decided to reduce the fee for the FIRST 20 people to just,....mmhh #6,800.Yes the first 20 people will pay #6,800 after that i will increase it to #10,000.To be among the first 20 people who will pay just #6,800 for this powerful money making revealing course.Just pay the sum of #6,800 into the bank details below;ACCOUNT NAME=KENNETH IFEANYIACCOUNT NUMBER=03740680009863BANK NAME=U.B.AImmediately after payment send your payment details to or sms or call me on 08035468566.Remember just the first 20 people only.N.B;If after 3 weeks after applying this secret you didn't make at least $150 just ask for your money refund and you will get it instantly!receive free internet money making newsletter just send a blank email to

The United Bank for Africa Plc recently made history by posting phenomenal results for financial year 2006 with a groundbreaking crossing of the N1 trillion mark in balance sheet size.
The results were cause for celebration at the Bank’s recent 45th Annual General Meeting, held at the Grand Hotel in Asaba, Delta State, where the mood was celebratory as delegates congratulated UBA for surpassing their expectations in growing shareholder value and wealth in the last financial year.
Following the AGM, UBA announced a restructuring of its board and executive team to inject fresh impetus into its march towards industry leadership in the financial services landscape of Africa.
The reorganisation includes the appointment of a new Chairman, one new Executive Director and four new non-Executive Directors to its board.
The distinguished Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Mr Kayode Sofola, hitherto Chairman of UBA has retired from the board to be replaced by Chief Ferdinand Alababra, formerly Vice-Chairman.
Chief Alababra, a renowned Chartered Surveyor and Chairman of the board of NITEL, was unanimously appointed by the UBA board as Chairman, effective 1st of February 2007.
At the Bank’s AGM, Mr Kayode received commendation for his able stewardship of the board during his tenure. In response, the amiable outgoing Chairman praised the UBA management team and staff for their sterling achievements and urged that they continue the march towards the Bank’s vision.
Changes at the executive management level were also announced as follows:
Ibrahim Jega, hitherto Regional Director of the North West Bank, has been elevated to Executive Director (subject to CBN’s approval). He takes over from Bello Garba, Executive Director and former Regional Head, North Bank, who has now retired.
In addition, UBA appointed the following four new non-executive Directors to its board, following clearance from apex regulator, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN):
Chief Kolawole B. Jamodu, OFR, an industrialist, chartered account and the first Nigerian Chairman/CEO of Paterson Zochonis Group of Companies, PZ. An alumnus of Harvard Business School, Chief Jamodu is also a fellow of several professional bodies.
Alhaji Garba S. Ruma, who brings to the board his experiences as former Controller & Area Administrator of the Bank of Industry (formerly NIDB), Director of Cooperatives, Federal Ministry of Labour & Productivity and Director of Personnel & Administration, Arewa Hotels, amongst other previous high level appointments.
Mr Adekunle Olumide , OON, a quintessential diplomat and accomplished technocrat in the organized private sector, who served as Director General of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry between 1991 and 2005 when he retired.
Mrs. Runa Alam, an accomplished investment banker and currently CEO of Kingdom Zephyr Africa Management, a multi-national investment corporation.
The reorganisation at UBA also involves the reassignment of existing Executive Directors and other senior executives.
Chika Mordi, formerly ED, Retail Banking, is now Executive Director, Investment Banking & Asset Management, with a portfolio that includes five subsidiaries of the UBA Group namely; UBA Global Markets, UBA Asset Management, UBA Trustees, UBA Registrars and UBA Stockbrokers.
Meanwhile, Phillips Oduoza, formerly ED, Operations & Technology, is now Executive Director, Electronic & Transaction Banking. He which includes the Cards Division, Funds Transfer, Transaction Services, Mortgages, amongst other units, which drive the Bank’s innovative retail product strategy.
Femi Olaloku is the new Head of Operations & Technology. Until this appointment he was the General Manager, Information Technology (IT). Olaloku joined UBA from Citigroup where he spent 17 years and rose to Sub-Saharan African Head of Operations, Control and Information Security.
UBA’s ascendancy towards industry leadership got a big boost when it posted the unprecedented balance sheet size of N1.05 trillion in its 2006 year end results, the first ever in the history of the Nigerian banking industry. The results also showed a deposit base of N776 billion, which alone is higher than the total balance sheet size of any Nigerian bank, marking UBA clearly the leader of the industry. Profit before tax was N12.8 billion and profit after tax was N11.6 billion up from N6.5 billion and N4.9 billion respectively. All other performance indices more than doubled, validating UBA’s retail strategy which combines innovative product development with consumer promotions, strategic alliances and other diversification initiatives that have characterized the Bank’s post-merger play.
For the shareholders of UBA it was a bumper harvest. The N1 per share dividend plus a bonus share of 1 for 5 was cause for celebration at the recent AGM, in addition to the exponential growth of the Bank’s share price from N10 per share as recently as August 2006 when UBA marked its post-merger one year, to as high as N34.44 when the Bank closed its register of shareholders on 22nd January 2007 in view of the AGM.
UBA has thus created immense value for its shareholders through huge capital appreciation. The Bank was the first to consolidate and carry out a successful integration process. For the CBN, UBA was a test case and confidence booster for the banking industry reform which had been given little chance of success by many industry operators.
UBA is also a practical demonstration of the incremental value that mergers and acquisitions can create. Whilst the pre-merger entities, legacy UBA and STB, were ranked 3rd and 5th in size, respectively, the consolidated UBA has emerged the clear number one in the industry today.
UBA boasts an impressive pedigree of executive management and a general management comprising a crop of highly competent professionals, drawn locally and from the Diaspora. The Bank has in its employment four ex-CEOs of banks who now head various arms of the UBA Group.
The award-winning Group Managing Director/CEO of UBA, Tony Elumelu, has become a celebrated figure in business, at home and abroad, for his mastery in turnaround management and for having a clear and audacious vision for his organization. He was recently elected the President of West African Bankers Association, WABA, and last November, bagged the 2006 African Business Leader of the Year Award at the Africa Investor Awards in Nairobi, Kenya.
On the calibre of the UBA management, Elumelu says, “It is a demonstration of the Bank’s significant contribution to the Nigerian economy and its commitment to harness and promote African excellence, at home and abroad

Nature of Business: Commercial banking.
Head Office Address: Plot 1665, Oyin Jolayemi street, Victoria Island, Lagos.
Telephone: 2341-2621027-28
Fax: N/A.
Website: N/A.
Date Listed on the Lagos Stock Exchange: 18.11.98.
Auditors: KPMG Audit (Chartered Accountants), Lagos.
End of Accounting Year: 31st March.
5-Year Financial Summary
Access Bank Nigeria PLC 5Year Financial Summary 1994 - 1999
CAPITAL EMPLOYED 1999 1997 1996 1995 1994 N'000 N'000 N'000 N'000 N'000 Cash & Short Term Funds 1,757,692 590,236 422,040 1,487,954 586,100 Bills Discounted 1,292,000 222,567 159,000 247,000 333,000 Investments 0 167 833 1,000 1,000 Loans & Advances 1,259,680 719,377 327,666 240,813 244,801 Other Assets 374,059 176,256 194,361 288,897 116,990 Equipment on Lease 0 6,850 1,105 13,404 19,056 Fixed Assets 144,284 61,803 71,198 71,732 69,167 Total Assets 4,877,614 1,777,256 1,176,203 2,350,800 1,370,914
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LIABILITIES: Deposits & Current Accounts 2,732,604 1,014,681 667,167 852,166 624,473 Due to Other Banks 86,363 230,328 167,816 1,070,965 326,578 Tax Payable 30,492 12,104 9,420 12,151 11,579 Other Liabilities 1,172,379 313,509 168,449 263,393 320,644 Proposed Dividend 54,000 0 10,000 11,612 11,612 Deposit for Shares 105 22,368 1,878 43,620 180 4,075,943 1,592,990 1,024,730 2,253,907 1,295,066
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SHAREHOLDERS' FUNDS: Called-up Share Capital 600,000 100,000 100,000 58,058 58,058 Share Premium 115,882 150 150 150 150 Statutory Reserve 67,224 39,182 29,344 22,552 12,755 General Reserve 18,565 44,934 21,979 16,133 4,885 801,671 184,266 151,473 96,893 75,848 Total Assets 4,877,614 1,777,256 1,176,203 2,350,800 1,370,914 Gross Earnings 541,921 287,511 286,551 299,452 270,789 Profit before Tax 108,187 41,251 28,236 40,786 30,046 Profit after Tax 83,687 32,793 22,638 32,657 22,257 Dividend 54,000 0 10,000 11,612 11,612 Per 50kobo share data (adjusted) Earnings per Share (in kobo) 6.97 16.40 11.32 16.33 11.13 Dividend per Share (in kobo) 4.50 0 5.00 5.81 5.81 Dividend cover (Times) 1.55 2.26 2.81 1.92 1.55 Total Assets per Share (in Naira) 4.06 8.89 5.88 11.76 6.86 Net Assets per Share (in Naira) 0.66 0.87 0.76 0.49 0.38 1. Per 50kobo share data are based on the number of issued ordinary shares as at 31.3.97. 2. Earnings per share are based on the profit after tax.

Zenith Bank Plc

Zenith Bank Plc was incorporated (under the Companies and Allied Matters Act of 1990, as amended) on May 30, 1990 as a private company limited by shares. In July 2004, the Bank became a public company limited by shares and subsequently launched what still remains the most successful Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the history of the Nigerian Capital Market. It received an overwhelming investor affirmation by a subscription rate of 556% and about 289,489 subscribers.
The Bank’s 6,000,000,000 (six billion) ordinary shares of 50 kobo each were subsequently listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange on October 21, 2004. Zenith Bank Plc achieved yet another milestone when it raised N53.63bn in February 2006 by a Public Offer of 3,000,000,000 (three billion shares), one of the largest amount in the history of the Nigerian Capital Market.

Zenith Franchise NetworkWith over one hundred and eighty (180) business offices, connected online-real time, the Zenith franchise covers all the state capitals, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), and major towns and cities in Nigeria. The Bank’s wide area network facility is efficiently deployed and seamlessly integrated through a related communication company. The Bank’s business location strategy and infrastructure deployment reflect its commitment to customer enthusiasm at all times in all business offices nationwide. The same unique brand of financial services awaits customers in each location.
This has made the brand of first choice in banking to all the multinational companies in Nigeria and accounts for its wide customer base. Zenith Bank Plc has continued to pioneer the introduction of e-solutions products to meet and surpass customer needs, anchored on its in-depth knowledge and extensive financing experience of the public and private sectors in Nigeria.
From inception, Zenith Bank clearly set out to differentiate itself in the banking industry through its service quality, drive for a unique customer experience and the calibre of its client base. Today, it is easily associated with the following attributes in the Nigerian banking industry :• Innovation• Best risk assets portfolio• Consistent superior financial performance• High quality personnel• Leadership in the use of Information and Communication Technology (lCT)• Consistent in raising the bar of competition, and• Formidable marketing team
The overall vision of the bank is to make the Zenith brand a reputable international financial services network recognised for innovation, superior customer service and performance while creating premium value for all stakeholders.